Residency FAQ

What are the dates of the residency?

Full Time Residency:

  • Dates: Saturday, May 26 – Sunday, August 12, 2018
  • Duration: 11 Weeks
  • Fee: $400.00 + GST

Part Time (May Start) Residency:

  • Dates: Saturday, May 26 – Sunday, June 30, 2018
  • Duration: 5 Weeks
  • Fee: $250.00 + GST

Part Time (July Start) Residency:

  • Dates: Saturday, July 7 – Sunday, August 12, 2018
  • Duration: 5 Weeks
  • Fee: $250.00 + GST

**Please note that all participants will be required to complete orientation prior to move in and will be responsible for clean-up on move out days. More information to follow**

Where is the residency held?

The Fibre Department studios at the Alberta College of Art and Design (1407 14th Ave. NW Calgary, AB)

What are the costs involved?

The part time residency costs are: $250.00 + GST studio fee (insurance and security id included). Participants are responsible for their own supply costs.

The full time residency costs are: $400.00 + GST studio fee (insurance and security id included). Participants are responsible for their own supply costs.

When will I know if I’ve been accepted?

Notification letters will be sent to the email address you provided by the end of April.

How do I apply?

Please see the “Application Requirements” listed above. The deadline for applications is Thursday, April 12th at midnight.

Are there any scholarships?

Contextural offers the Contextural Summer Residency Scholarship to individuals applying for the full time residency. The scholarship includes studio fees for the full time summer residency ($400 value). The scholarship will be awarded based on the quality and completeness of the application. In your “Statement of Intent”, please include one or two sentences indicating your interest in applying for the scholarship and how you would plan to use the studio. The scholarship recipient will be expected to show their work in the end of summer residency exhibition.

**Please note: If you are a current Contextural Member and would like to be considered for the Contextural Residency Scholarship, you must submit a complete application, along with a note indicating you would like to be considered for the scholarship**

What about supplies?

Residency participants are responsible for providing their own supplies.

You must provide your own silk-screens for your work. If you do not own a silk-screen and you require the use of one, you can purchase one from Stanley Sign & Screen.

Sewing machines will not be available for individual use, however you’re welcome to bring one from home.

How much access to the studios do participants have?

Residency participants have access 7 days per week from 7am – 11pm, except when there are classes being held in the fibre studios.

ACAD Extended studies classes are dependent on minimum participation, so classes may be canceled from time to time. Schedule changes will be communicated should this occur. A schedule of studio closures will be posted at the beginning of the residency.

What about the exhibition?

A group exhibition will held at the end of each residency and is open to all residency participants and will be shown in partnership with the ACAD summer residencies. The theme for this year’s exhibition will be ‘Materiality’. The exhibition will open in August at ACAD, and will run approximately two weeks. More information to follow.

What do you mean self-directed?

Although we encourage a “community” atmosphere, all of the artists who participate in the residency are here to work. It is expected that each participant is able to work independently and not rely on other participants for technical or other support. Participants are of course encouraged to interact within the community. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email us – residency@contextural.ca or contact the on duty studio monitor directly.

How will you provide a “community”?

In the past years we have had some feedback about creating a more interactive community within the residency participants. Although we all work independently, it is sometimes beneficial to gather as a community, share ideas and get some feedback. With this in mind, this summer’s residency will feature a monthly “show and tell” meeting and a gallery wall specifically set up for works in progress that other members of the residency can leave comments, criticism and praise throughout the week.

Do I have to be a fibre artist to apply for the residency?

No, however we do suggest having some familiarity with the ACAD facilities and/or print and dye processes.

Can I bring my sister/friend/partner to the residency?

No. Due to health and safety policies, visitors and/or outside helpers are not permitted in the residency area.

What equipment/ facilities are available?

Exposure Room Light safe silk screen storage
Light safe work area
Exposure Unit
Printing/ Multipurpose Room Printing tables and drop cloths (5 tables @15’, 1 table @ 25’)
Pressure Washer
Washout sinks
Heat Press
Washer and dryer
Steamer and irons
Small Gallery Space
Mop & bucket/broom
Dye Mixing Box
Dyeing/ Multipurpose Room 6 Induction Cooktop stoves and 1 Kitchen Type stove top
Large Dye Pots
Washout Sinks
Open Space (for silk painting/3-D work)
Drying Racks
Electric Frying Pans (4) for wax resist
Hood Vent
Shinshee/Stretcher Bars
Personal Studio Space Chairs, Desks, Pin Boards for personal space approx 5’ x 10’ each
PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT have access to… Sewing Machines or Serger
Warping Mills
Paper Hydropulper and Hollander
Computers and printers