Carmela DiFlumeri


Through the use of unexpected and unrelated, fibers, materials and techniques, I strive to explore, challenge and reconcile our shared human experiences such as attachment and alienation; joy and despair; trust and betrayal; redemption and condemnation and ultimately triumph. The process itself is a work in progress, evolving and expanding over time, as are perceptions and understandings of life experiences.
“Metaphorica”, my series of visual metaphors, consists of larger than life abstract felted forms that serve as both reflection and projection of the beauty, mystery and grotesque that shape human existence.


Carmela Di Flumeri is currently enrolled in the BFA program at the Alberta College of Art and Design in the Fiber Program. It is here that she discovered the art of felting and all of its infinite possibilities for artistic expression. While experimenting with a wide range of techniques, process and content she realized her work echoed the same concepts that attracted her to the field of psychology. This was the beginning of “Metaphorica,” an ongoing series of felt based visual metaphors for the human experience, which she pursues as part of her studio practice.