Chantel Traub


I design and create unique surface designs on fabric using hand painted and printed techniques. The creation of unique fabric is integral to the design of garments, accessories and home textiles. All stencils for printing are hand painted or drawn, and all silk is painted and dyed by hand. Handwork is integral to my objective of capturing an impression and moment in time.

I want to convey joie de vivre and pleasure in unexpected things so that the owner may feel this joy when putting on my clothes and enjoying their home. I am inspired by individual perception and shifting reality. Time is fleeting and handwork is precious, my work through surface detail captures moments in our history. They are snapshots of a reality.

In the painted silk work, I am primarily concerned with varieties of colour intensity and a free, flowing pattern. Painting a pattern without the regularity of the printing process adds a different kind of aesthetic affect. It is alive, the hand of the maker is always present and the work becomes accessible and relatable. My focus in these paintings is on particular environments and the essence of these places. They commemorate an experience or a feeling in moments. Meanwhile silkscreen printing is a technology I have come to love. I particularly enjoy printing for using metallic pigments on richly coloured silk, and creating even and seamless allover pattern with complicated and detailed imagery.


Chantel is an artist and designer based in Calgary. Growing up in British Columbia’s interior nurtured her love of nature. Add to that a family who loved art, music and craft, Chantel’s passion for the arts was fuelled early.

Today she focuses on fine art and textiles after completing a Bachelor of Fine Art with distinction majoring in Fibre earned from the Alberta College of Art + Design. There she relished in learning silkscreen pattern printing and silk painting and dyeing.

The textile patterns she creates are rich with hand drawn design and painterly techniques, drawing imagery from our environment, architecture and history. Her dream is that her textiles will bring joie de vivre to the life of their owners.