Karin Milson


I create mixed media art that is predominantly textile-based. I have worked in this field for about 25 years; before that I was a micropalaeontologist.

I have lived in several different countries and have been challenged to seek out source materials and inspiration in these colourful and sometimes challenging environments. Thus, I have worked with subjects as varied as Omani ceremonial swords, African beadwork of the Ndebele and the abundant and colourful life in the coral sea. My art pieces have utilized mud, goat skins, porcupine spines and fibre optic cable, cans, ribbon, plastic bags and embroidery thread. I am very interested in evolving new methods but not at the expense of good design.

Living in varied cultures has stimulated my interest in photography, I use this as a recording tool for my work. I love macro photography and am awakened to colour, shape and line from such detailed imagery. My art works often lend themselves to similar photography after their completion such that I produce abstract digital prints on canvas that emphasize the textures, colours and stitchery in my hand-made art pieces.

I have been fortunate enough to be welcomed into the art worlds of the countries I have lived. A highlight for me was to be invited to exhibit at the Omani Fine Arts Society’s “Oman with Britain” exhibition in 2002. More recently I have been fortunate to exhibit with Contextural and I now find myself Alberta Representative for the Surface Design Association. My work bringing national and international artists into Alberta to teach here, means I am privileged to be in contact with many textile and surface design professionals.


I find my work centres itself on creating abstracted representations of subjects often from the living world. I strive to have the viewer find meaning and pleasure in my sculptures, installations and imagery through their own knowledge of the world and, if not, then stimulating their infinite imagination.