Linda Rempel

Artist Statement

“Drawing is a personal practice used as a vehicle for developing visual awareness: a combination of seeing, thinking, and planning that is relevant to all art disciplines. Drawing not only represents the visible, but also examines and realizes ideas and emotions.”


When working directly with fiber related material like paper, fabric, masking tape, saran wrap, or even string, I usually use a very hands-on approach. However, when drawing designs for screen-printing, I have become quite accustomed to using my i-phone and its many functions as a method of experimenting with pattern design. My first step when using the i-phone to produce a digital design, is to take a photograph (often something from nature, or my own drawings and paintings). In a second step, I experiment extensively with the image using apps that allow me to erase, add layers, change colors and so on. After research for the design is complete, I print the photo (Walmart), enlarge it (Staples), and then transfer it unto a silk-screen.

Screening the digital design unto fabric adds a whole new level of challenges to the design process. For example, the digital image may have been enlarged too much or too little for the fabric it is printed on. Or, another problem that tends to surface when using a digital design is that it may be too intricate or pixelated for the silkscreen process. Sometimes, however, the digital design translates into a silkscreen print even better than anticipated. Whatever the outcome, the journey of discovery through experimentation, for me, is all the reward I need.


I think of my art practice as both ordinary and extraordinary: Ordinary, because like the air I breath, the hands-on material process involved in making art both enlivens and energizes me; and Extraordinary, because the expression of the immaterial and unseen is a significant aspect of my practice.

One of the reoccurring themes in my work is the idea of fragmentation and wholeness. I have come to the conclusion that there are several reasons why I use bits and pieces of material to create a new form: For one thing, I am a tactile and visual learner and find that in the process of handling material I gain knowledge and often stumble on new ideas for my work. Secondly, I feel the ripping, cutting, and tearing involved in taking something apart before it can be repaired is a symbolic action that embodies my desire for peace, wholeness and wellbeing

email: rempel90@hotmail.com
website: lindarempelvisiblefaith.blogspot.ca