Margot van Lindenberg


In my artwork I explore concepts of genetic, social and cultural identity, often drawing on ethical or political aspects and spirituality. Cultural expressions are rich in colour, pattern and symbolism, and there is a particular rhythm as in music for example that continually inspires me. I recognize patterns in organized structures, neurology and nature that are similar to that of man interacting with his environment, that I sometimes simply use as a visual pattern for printing or develop into more complex work. Through overseas living and relief work I have experienced sources and techniques of expression directly. Often these techniques and subject matter have evolved from history, societal strata, economics and natural resources. This immediacy has been a source of revisiting techniques and related works.

More recently I am drawn to genetically modified foods and the effect it has on ourselves and on the environment. The majority of my work involves textile techniques, including dyeing with plants from my own garden, screen-printing, and surface design.


Margot van Lindenberg received a Bachelors of Fine Arts with Distinction from the Alberta College of Art & Design. A Dutch artist by birth, she studied Education in Amsterdam and has since lived in Senegal, the Canadian Arctic, Brazil and Indonesia.

Informed by intimate exposure to cultural diversity, Margot’s work conceptualizes identity of the invisible world on both molecular and sociological levels through pattern, colour, symbols and imagery. Her recent work explores the intricate beauty of the botanical world.

Margot’s professional skills include curating exhibitions, developing art programs and courses for organizations and institutions, and she has taught the Alberta curriculum through Learning Through The Arts in the Calgary Public Schools as an Artist-Educator with the Royal Conservatory of the Arts. She has been involved in community support programs as art instructor with Servants Anonymous Society and artist-mentor at the Calgary Drop-in Centre with This Is My City. Margot has designed window installations in Paris, was art instructor at a New York residency program and was an instructor at the Alberta College of Art & Design’s Continuing Education Faculty. She is a member of the Alberta Society of Artists and has a studio in Calgary.