Nicole Estabrooks

I create art to express myself.

My pieces display my thoughts and feelings in time. I’m a verbal person but feel more comfortable expressing my private thoughts using the visual means. My work enables me to convey what I hold important. I admire architecture and history. They are the foundational points of my work.

Artists that have inspired me are Egon Schiele, Barbora Kruger and Alphonse Mucha. I adore sensuality, function, clean lines, and honest portraits of humanity. My main screen printing work consists of images I’ve taken while travelling. I choose to make images of buildings in places that have impacted me. Places I like to revisit. They are monuments and moments in time. I consider art to be intimate. It’s a private action that can be, if you choose it to be, accessed publicly. I resist making art in reaction to rage or hurt, but I try to create images that bring me joy, intrigue and beauty. Working with fabric matches creativity with function. Fabric imprints on us every day through the things we wear, the design choices we make in our homes, to the daily encounter we have with it through clothing, bedding, and towels. I’m drawn to creating with fabric because it’s usable art. Art that can come with us, and that has a function. Fabric has texture and it can move with us. We can feel it. It’s a subtle display of emotion, personality and choice. It helps us express ourselves in daily life. It pushes the boundaries of what we think art is. It can simply uplift us.