Sharon Hogg


My work is concerned with humans, energies and environments. Ranging in size from 6×6″ to 120×48″, my 2-dimensional works and textiles contemplate energy and environment using layers and transparencies, incorporating a depth of materials and a collage of discrete processes. There is a relentlessly consistent intent to this combining and recombining of material and process. Namely, it’s a search for a defining connection between the way that I sense, and the way that I come to understand the human and natural energies at play in my environment.
Tales from the Maple Forest DUNK, Silkscreen on Raw Canvas
Just to Say Hello – Hello NovaScotia, Photo and Postcard Collage
Vain Trifles – Killer Lilies, DyePainted Silk
Texo Vitae – Marco, Cotton/Hemp Tapestry, Graphite and Oilpaint on Birch Panel
Vain Trifles – Shibori Leaves, Indigo on Cotton

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