Shelly Klotz


Nature is the source of influence for my work. It is a representation of the world around and within me. It’s primal force: the tenuous balance between control and chaos is a movement, a dance in which we all are engaged.

Subconscious memories of the past seep through when I am fully engaged in
the exploration of time, space and the chose medium, while experiencing the essence of an idea or subject. Creation of the work itself is intentional and intuitive; specific and general.

In work that includes the use of paper, fabrics, threads, there is something archival, reminiscent of our past, using what once were common materials made by hand across many continents. I am pulled back to the feeling of our ancestors, whose work was done by necessity rather than by choice. The making of things “by hand” to evoke an idea, feeling or image is what appeals to me. It is my intention for the viewers to experience their own associations and remembrances.

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