Catherine Owen

Artist Statement

Catherine Owen is a textile artist based in Calgary. She travels frequently and is an appreciator and collector or hand crafts from around the world. An avid creator from a young age, her interests encompass many disciplines, most recently experimenting with the natural dye bath and eco printing.


The beauty of nature is a never ending source of inspiration for me. My work is very much influenced by the patterns and colours in nature and I seek ways to translate that beauty into purposeful textiles. I have always been drawn to cloth and how it can elicit a reaction or invoke a memory by sight or touch. The silkscreen printing process allows me to produce textiles that can convey emotion and sensory expression in a tactile and tangible way. While my preferred method of putting pattern to cloth is silk screen printing, I have recently been exploring other methods such as eco printing using foraged materials. I am drawn to the literality of placing nature directly on cloth and achieving imperfect, delicate results. In my practice, I work to create textiles that invoke emotion while serving as purposeful examples of colour and pattern inspired by nature.


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