Cece Marin

Cece Marin


Driven by an ever-present curiosity and infused with a playful spirit, my creations are a tribute to the magic inherent in our natural world. Through the interplay of colours, textures, and forms, I invite observers to rediscover the enchantment that hides within the ordinary and evoke a sense of wonderment. As I bring my imaginative works into existence, I seek to revive emotions inspired by the ephemeral beauty found in nature.

Continuous exploration with new techniques and materials is integral to my creative journey. Experimentation allows me to push the boundaries of my imagination and reveal new possibilities within my artistic practice.


Cece Marin (she/her) is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Calgary/Moh’kinsstis, Canada. Exploring ways to nourish her creative spirit, she has spent many years cultivating her skills through a diverse array of classes, workshops and self-directed studies. She is drawn to creating smaller artworks, enjoying the repetitive and meditative nature of block printing, the tactile process of working with fibres and clay, and the exploration of colour through the use of natural dyes and inks.

Her current practice is dedicated to visualizing the hidden and unimaginable creatures that reside within our oceans, forests and galaxies. Cece Marin is now setting her sights on creating larger-scale artworks, signifying a pivotal shift away from her social work career, and towards embracing and nurturing her identity as an artist.


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