Dana Bush

Dana Bush


I am both an artist and a professional ecologist. By training and inclination, I see the world as relationships and movement. I see the verbs between the nouns, the interactions between species, and among species and habitat: predation, carbon exchange, grazing, forest fire, drought, flood, balance and change. I see the relationship between humans and the earth – our impacts and our love.

I paint species and elements on paper or silk, then form them into sculptures that portray relationships. I use transparent layers, folded paper like kaleidocycles and flexagons, mobiles, light tubes, and wearable art to convey ecological concepts. Sometimes I paint species just because they are beautiful, or unseen and unloved.

My favorite techniques are rozome (a Japanese form of wax resist silk painting), lino prints and stencils, and transparent watercolours on paper. My recent work uses natural dyes and pigments on silk. I love both the lifelike movement of silk, and the way the light shines through the images. I use beauty to convey love, respect, and connection.


Dana is a multi-media artist who lives in Calgary but spends as much time as she can in the bush. She has an M.Sc. from the U of Alberta and an B.F.A. from the Alberta College of Art and Design. Her years of working as an ecologist provide a never-ending source of ideas and inspirations for her art.

C Dana Bush - Sap Blood & Rivers



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