Karin Thorsteinsson

Artist Statement


The landscape I use as subject matter in my practice is more than just landscape; it is who I am and where I come from. When travel to the summit of a mountain to take my own photographs to use for reference I am connecting with my homeland and there is a deep sense of connection with the natural world that comes from being physically immersed in it. The process of brushing dyes on cloth and using resists to create line and depth is an incredibly slow and laborious and contemplative process when compared to many alternative painting processes, because of this I find my connection to and passion for the natural landscape, namely the Rocky Mountains, has grown stronger in the attempt to depict its complexity and vastness using a medium with natural limitations. I have imprinted onto the finished works the same sense of wonder and awe that I myself felt in the moment the images were captured. With luxurious and lustrous silks and intense jewel tone dyes and a resist technique that allows the illusion of incredible depth my representations come to life.


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