Leslie Barnes

Artist Statement


I have always loved to make. And I love to learn. I seek opportunities to put these two together – making to learn and learning to make! As a youngster I attended art classes at the Calgary Allied Arts Centre followed by fine art classes in high school and university. In high school I rediscovered my love of sewing and over the years became a very confident seamstress learning and employing hand tailoring and specialized, stitched details. I continue to study and take classes but have narrowed my focus to textile-based arts and exploration. Taking my love of fabric and textiles from garment sewing and repurposing that knowledge and passion as the starting point of my art was a logical progression. I take an idea, an image, an inspiration and think about the ways it could be interpreted or integrated into a textile piece. Dyeing, painting, printing, layering are all possible techniques that I might use, in addition to stitching. Each technique offers endless ways of interpreting and progressing the subject matter. At present, colour and the subtleness of colour movement and blending in nature intrigues me. I have recently learned (accepted) to embrace the idea of creation through problem-solving, allowing the work to inform me as to next steps … I try to stay out of my own way!


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