Leslie Delanty

Artist Statement


For as long as I can remember, I have always created. Whether it be with a sewing machine or hand needle, knitting needle, crochet hook, glass, crayons, paper, screen printing, fabric dyeing or more recently quiling, I just make things. I do not have a degree in design, however, I have received formal training in many areas. I have attended creative classes in Canada, the U.S. and UK. Each one of these classes gave me a new skill that I could take home and apply to other skills already learned. I also do my own research and experimentation within other areas of art and craft. My attitude has always been “Really, how hard can it be!”. My sister is an experienced and accomplished costume designer and wonderful painter and is always available with “plan B” and if necessary “plan C”. Inspiration comes from anywhere, everywhere and nowhere. Images and ideas pop into my head. Some get stuck while others disappear only to re-appear at a later time. The best thing about making is that no two days are alike, no two pieces are alike and the unpredictability of that keeps me coming back for more. Each piece of work is an adventure, an expression of who I am at that time.


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