Linda Rempel

Linda Rempel


ROUNDTABLE SOLILOQUY About My 2023 Contextural Residency Project: In Mennonite social life food and fellowship inevitably goes together. And in my work the concept of the round table (and/or perhaps the idea that the revered Sunday dinner plates are more significant than the ordinary everyday plates) evokes a sense of this special and primary bonding ritual I experienced in my formative years.

Drawing Process: The work in this series is based on stream of consciousness drawings derived from memory and imagination. I created the drawings using pen, ink, and pencil, and then utilized i-phone apps such as Mega-photo to digitally transform the drawings into mathematically precise images. I transferred the designs onto transparent projection sheets and onto screens to reproduce the same designs both as cyanotype prints and as a screen-prints.


I have always had an interest in art and I am so thankful that as a mature student I had the opportunity to complete my BFA (drawing) at the Alberta University of the arts in 2011. The experience enriched my existence in so many ways, but the one thing I appreciate most about my formal art education is that I became aware of myself as a tactile visual learner. And that in turn, is making a huge difference in how I approach life today.


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