Lorraine Ross

Lorraine Ross


Working with textiles gives me the opportunity to express my artistic thoughts. I endeavour to capture the attention of the viewer with their initial sight and then draw them in for a closer look at the details. I particularly enjoy creating layers on my pieces. I add layers of colour with dyes and paints. Another layer may be created with sheer fabrics and stitch. Alternatively, layers may be partially removed to see what can be exposed.


Lorraine finds inspiration in songs, phrases, a word, architecture while travelling and texture in nature. The process of layering is a favourite technique and the hunt for the right materials is an ongoing source of inspiration. Over the years of textile creation, Lorraine’s work has evolved from a more conservative style with roots in quilting, to a bold and experimental style that included non-traditional materials, innovative techniques and painting with dye and acrylic. Her evolution as an artist has been to move from shyness in mark-making (paint and dye) to expressing herself more openly and shows confidence with bold choices in colour and contrast. Lorraine loves the quiet time of stitching to spend time in her thoughts about the world, and works on her art daily.

Lorraine Ross - Reflections - 2021



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