Lynda Williamson


For many years I have enjoyed spending my time exploring the prairies and foothills of Alberta no matter the season or the weather. I am always observing nature’s eloquence as it creates and destroys – it pays no mind to rules or consequences – it merely is.

Rejoicing in the beauty of the changing seasons, the exploding colour palette of spring and summer, the surprising shades of fall and subdued hues of winter. I find the movement and sounds of the forest and rivers mesmerizing – leaves fluttering, trees swaying in the wind and the rush of spring run off.

Working with natural fibres – cotton, linen and silk, I then layer my textiles with dye, pigment, acrylic, and mark make with resists and stitch to create depth. Each additional layer or process my own interpretation of what nature generously bestows upon us.


Lynda is a mixed media textile artist who lives between Bergen and Calgary, Alberta. She has had the opportunity to study with artists such as Claire Benn, Ann Johnston, Ruth Issett, Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn to name a few.

Currently, her practice focuses on exploring her relationship with nature and society and the tension found between the endless skies she finds in the wilds and the rigid and constraining rules imposed by man. Recent pieces have mediated this conflict in her subject matter and questioned whether our limitations come from within us or are impressed upon us.

Her art has recently shown at cSPACE in Calgary, Alberta, the Textile Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota and InLiquid in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Works can also be found in private collections in Canada and the United States. Several more of her pieces are currently on tour across numerous venues in the United States.

Lynda Williamson, What Lies Beneath



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