Margaret Hall

Artist Statement

I continue to explore different fibre arts techniques and combining techniques. Starting to take a basic millinery course has expanded my horizons into Haute Couture millinery and I find I am excited by the possibility of refining my felting, sewing skills and combining them with the millinery techniques I am learning and expanding my ability to design wearable headpieces.


Textiles, fibre and yarn and the variety of techniques to use them have always been a source of fascination for me. I feel that textiles and the fibre arts surround us and enrich our day to day life and yet may not be appreciated as art. Walking in natural areas and observing changing light, environment and atmosphere are a constant inspiration. I enjoy wet felting techniques and the sculptural properties of wool and other animal fibres. The tactile experience, the organic nature of the medium and the challenge of designing a piece in a two dimensional way to become a three dimensional piece continues to engage me. I am also challenging myself to explore colour: blending, natural dyeing and layering of coloured fibres. Having just started a millinery course I look forward to combining my felting techniques with newly acquired millinery techniques. I am presently making functional items either wearable or to be used in a home, hats, fascinators, masks and containers.
Margaret Hall - Winter Floral Hats



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