Margaret Hall

Margaret Hall


I continue to enjoy exploring different textile and fibre techniques and combining techniques in a piece. Presently studying traditional millinery techniques I have been enjoying creating headpieces in different materials and exploring the possibilities of using newly acquired skills with familiar ones. I continue to work with wool and wet felting techniques in particular hats and see them as sculptural forms. The variety of shape and texture that can be made using wool continues to fascinate me. Wools organic nature lends itself to creating natural forms and I find myself continually drawn to nature as a motivator and an inspiration.


Born in Lancashire and raised in Yorkshire, Margaret was close to the textile industries of cotton and wool respectively. She has had a lifelong interest in the textile/fibre arts, learning many skills from her Mother and Grandmother.

She is drawn to the textile/fibre arts as a form of expression especially working with wool and creating felted pieces. She is particularly interested in the sculptural properties of different types of wool, and enjoys the tactile nature of wool and the challenge of designing 2-dimensionally to produce a 3-dimensional piece.

Margaret continues to explore shape and the making of hats and is studying traditional millinery techniques, which has opened a new area to combine and enhance her skills in felting, weaving, dyeing, yarn techniques, and various textiles techniques.


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