Margot van Lindenberg

Margot van Lindenberg


Exposure to cultural diversity through international residencies inspires me to explore ideas of social and cultural identity expressed through human behavior, often drawing on the ethical and spiritual. My main interest is in visualizing these concepts, which are often mirrored in the order and structure found in the botanical world.

Colour and line are fundamental features of my art as I work to reduce the substance of an idea to its essence. Fibre is my chosen medium because of its innate surface design and sculptural qualities, and my techniques for expression include screenprinting, hand-dyeing, and sculptures with thread.


Margot van Lindenberg studied Education in Amsterdam and received a Bachelors of Fine Arts with Distinction from the Alberta University of the Arts (AUArts). A Dutch artist by birth, she has lived in Senegal, the Canadian Arctic, Brazil and Indonesia. Exposure to such cultural diversity has inspired her to explore issues of identity in her artwork.

Margot’s professional experience ranges from teaching to curating exhibitions and designing for private organizations. She has presented workshops on the uniqueness of our identities and trauma relief through creating art. Margot enjoys working with communities and recently completed a Community Public Art project for the City of Calgary.

Margot has designed window installations in Paris and was art instructor at an art residency program in New York City. As an Artist-Educator she has presented Learning Through The Arts curriculum in Calgary Public Schools. For fifteen years Margot instructed silk-screening courses at the AUArts Continuing Education Faculty. Currently she teaches Botanical drawing and Watercolour painting from her studio in Calgary.


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