Nicole Estabrooks

Nicole Estabrooks


I talk a lot. Ask anyone – and I’ll tell them to tell you the same thing. So why does an extroverted verbalist need another means of expression? Quite simply, because I believe art is intimate and find I’m more comfortable sharing my private thoughts visually.

Placing high value on sensuality, function, clean lines and honest portraits of humanity, my subject matter represents the things and places I want to visit again. Reflecting my thoughts and feelings, these pieces allow me to convey what I hold as important. They are monuments to moments.


Nicole Estabrooks is an up-and-coming Calgary artist who specializes in print, textiles and illustration. Drawn to both history and architecture, she has made Prague her perennial second home and an identifiable influence in her art. An active member of Contextural Fibre Arts Cooperative, Nicole’s works have been featured both locally and provincially.

An educated educator, Nicole is a full-time teacher, possesses a Masters in Education, a BA in Leisure and Tourism, and an Associate of Arts Degree. Despite this she still finds time to fuel her creative passions by fearlessly enrolling in a variety of art classes across a wide spectrum of mediums.


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