Sarah Mulderrig

Artist Statement

Sarah grew up in London Ontario in a creative family that fostered exploration in the arts early.  She attended a Studio Arts based Secondary School where she built a strong base in many disciplines and great connections to the art community.  Sarah continued to remain involved in the art’s scene including as a board fundraiser for the London Art’s Festival, until moving to Calgary Alberta.  Since then, Sarah has branched out in capabilities taking various courses in different mediums and building towards becoming a more active participant in Calgary’s art community.


My acumen grows as an artist as I continue to explore a range of different media, from ink and graphite drawing, to painting, glassblowing and printmaking.  I have also tried to work in the range of different scales I have worked in, from small-scale paintings to large-scale drawings. I’ve also produced work that has incredibly fine detail, but am also able to work on imagery that is more graphic. I consistently seek to widen my creative capabilities, but the range of artistic exploration that I’ve engaged in is always bolstered by my strong artistic point of view. My artwork, regardless of experimentation through medium or style, is easily identified as being produced by myself, for better or worse. Some characteristics of my artworks include the use of colour. I have always tried to convey a strong point of view through colour, often choosing precise hues to express movement, light and texture. I have a strong appreciation of colour in other artists work and how colour schemes and manipulation of colour can create vibration, movement, comfort (or lack thereof), thoughtfulness and other felt experiences. A particular interest of mine is the depiction of textures and light.  More recently I have been working on trying to simplify images and think of subject matters in a more graphic sense and creating regular everyday items from them. I look forward to expressing this in yet another medium new to me through fabric and print in exploring organic elements of nature, and how to interpret movement as the element of life.


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