Sharon Hogg

Sharon Hogg


Where humans intersect with unseen natural forces, I imagine what lies behind or beneath the surface. More than seeing, I want to feel the backstory, the understory, the glue that holds it all together. My work seeks to bring that underlying level of awareness closer to the visible and the touchable.

The ​Sublime, New Materialism and the Vorticists are influences.


Sharon Hogg is a visual artist working in Calgary, Alberta and Lombardy Ontario, Canada.

In a lifetime of residency split between Ontario and Alberta, her paintings and textiles are a contemplation of energy and environment. Long fascinated by layers of material and meaning, she searches for connection between first sensing, and then coming to understand, the natural energies at play in our environments. Throughout her work there is an ongoing material tie to the lands of her Canada, specifically the prairies and foothills of Alberta and the wild rocky shores of Ontario. Ranging from pure geometric abstraction to strongly graphic landscapes her works are a layered exploration of the material and forces that make up our physical world.

Sharon holds a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Master of Fine Art from the Alberta College of Art and Design. Her works have been exhibited in solo and group shows and are included in private collections in Alberta and Ontario, Canada.

Sharon Hogg - Blank Slate White Noise



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