Shellie Jones

Shellie Jones


I am a self-taught fibre artist. My pieces are created through wet and needle felting. While I have been expressing myself through art since I was a child, I began working with wool in 2015. I love the tactile nature of bending wool to the picture in my mind. As a retired massage therapist, working with my hands is extremely satisfying.

I began using this medium to create art for my children. When my children were very young their world was full of these whimsical and colourful characters. They spent hours playing with the little dolls and figures I made. Now, as they grow older, my art is more often found hanging on their walls than hiding under their beds.

It brings such joy to see the amazement on their faces as each piece comes to life. Their delight in these simple pleasures inspired me to challenge what I thought I could do. I began picking up hints in the words of loved ones and incorporating that fondness into a gift. Now, as I continue to grow and open myself to the world, I get fulfillment from seeing the child-like joy my pieces bring to friends, family and those who purchase a piece for themselves or as a gift.


Shellie Jones has been expressing herself through her art for most of her life. She has painted with acrylics and oils for many years. Since retiring as a Massage Therapist in 2015, she has focused her work on wet and needle felting. She is a self- taught artist. Shellie currently sells her pieces online and often creates custom pieces for clients. She is inspired to create art that bring feelings of joy, hope and child-like delight. Shellie lives in Calgary, AB with her husband, young children, dog and cat.


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