Siena Stark

Siena Stark


As an interdisciplinary artist I work on a variety of projects. I am currently illustrating for a self published comic and in the initial stages of making a merchandisable line of decor and wearable art through my website and artist-brand. The current direction of my artwork pursues imagery based in visual aesthetic and stories of medieval, fairytale and fantasy-genre. By exploring fantasy-genre I intend on showcasing the value of escapism and storytelling in regards to sharing relatable experiences of adversity whether fable or personal re-telling. Through allegory and symbolism, I find myself discussing the bittersweet feelings of longing by re-imagining illusionistic concepts, fantastical characters and worldbuilding. This year I hope to be able to share these stories through illustration and reach an audience in my visual brand through wearable and decorative products.


Siena Stark is an interdisciplinary visual artist and forthcoming undergraduate student from the Print Media department—with a Minor in Comics—at Alberta University of the Arts. Her current artistic exploration includes the technical processes of natural dyes, repeat patterns, relief and etched prints as well as illustration focused on storytelling through a blend of fantasy and illusionistic imagery.

Siena Stark, The House Plant Faerie



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