Siri McCormick

Siri McCormick


Working in fibre can take me anywhere. It’s manipulation gives me infinite possibility of expression. Memory, experience and emotion take over as I design, and the constant experimentation and never-ending versatility involved in the creative process keeps me on my toes. I hope that my work will appeal to each viewer to consider textiles in new ways.


Siri McCormick is a visual artist living and working in Calgary Alberta. She graduated from the Alberta University of the Arts with a major in fibre. While she has wide ranging interests in the visual arts, she currently chooses to focus on smaller, more personalized textile work. These pieces will often incorporate several traditional textile techniques to generate a fresh take on established processes. Combining this newness with familiarity reflects our changing world and how we find our places within it. She feels fortunate to be able to add her voice to the mix of contemporary fibre artists practicing in western Canada.


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