Susan Fae Haglund (in memoriam, passed July 2023)

Susan Fae Haglund (in memoriam, passed July 2023)


Susan Fae wrote “In the summer my flower garden surrounds a well visited birdbath; the visiting birds are a favourite resource of study for creating my sculptures. My bird designs are “in flight”, inspired by the movement of living birds.”

Susan Fae worked with a variety of textile materials; fabric, paper, wire, thread and found objects, using these materials in a unique and non-traditional way. Her textile sculptures were impressions of birds, not always looking or acting like one would expect, like having forks for feet or a spoon for a tail.

Another form of her textile work was small double sided, layered paper/fabric bookmark size art. These small works were made in a playful way, collecting various pieces of fabric and paper, with colourful threads (not glue) into impressionistic images of animals and nature. They were priced affordably so that all could experience an original work of art.


Susan Fae Haglund lived in Calgary, Alberta, where she worked full time as an artist and teacher. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Calgary and a Business Diploma from Mount Royal University (College). She was represented by the Lineham House in Okotoks and had solo exhibitions of her work in Arts Commons and the Calgary Public Library, as well as group exhibitions at the Alberta College of Art and Design.

She worked as a certified picture framer for twenty five years, where she developed her love for building and making creative sculptures. Many of the materials that she used as a picture framer found their way into her art.

Susan Fae was an active volunteer with PALS (Pet Access League Society), receiving volunteer of the year in 2015. She volunteered as an advocate for senior citizens and was a passionate tree hugger and tree planter.

Inspired by nature, her largest works of art were created outdoors in her backyard studio.

Susan Fae was an active member of Contextural and will be missed by all who knew her.

Susan Fae Haglund - Rose w Madonna - 2021



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