Terri Illingworth

Terri Illingworth


I am a designer with a passion for textiles. Collecting, printing, cutting, sewing and manipulating fabrics are activities fundamental to my work. The tactile nature of fabric appeals to me, and I hope my work allows others to share this appreciation.


Terri Illingworth is a designer living in Calgary, Alberta. Sewing and textile art have always played an important part in Terri’s life. She has worked with fabric from an early age, and her enthusiasm to create has spilled into all aspects of her life. A degree in Interior Design was the foundation of her formal education, and she has furthered her skills by taking classes from a variety of inspirational established artists. She takes inspiration from everything around her. Most recently Terri’s work has focused on silk screening – layering pattern on fabrics. Digitally designed fabrics are also incorporated. Much of her work is functional.

Terri Illingworth - Leaves of Change, detail



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