2016 X3

2016 X3

Exhibition Dates:
January 16 - March 26, 2016

Saturday, January 16 from 2-4 pm

Alberta Craft Council - 10186-106 Street, Edmonton, Alberta

Organizations on the cutting edge of fine craft:

Alberta Potters’ Association, Contextural | Fibre Arts Cooperative and the Nina Haggerty Centre

At a glance, all three organizations are quite different. But supporting and developing the craft careers of their membership is at the heart of each group’s purpose. X3 brings together a range of fine craft artists from each organization who have all benefited from the community and creative development opportunities each group offers.

Participating Artists

Contextural members: Arlee Barr, Dana Bush, Sharon Hogg, Terri Illingworth, Karen King, Siri McCormick, Lorraine Ross, Margot Van Lindenberg and Lynda Williamson

Alberta Potters’ Association members: Connie Cooper, Louise Cormier, Krista Gowland, Elaine Harrison, Mynthia McDaniel, Tammy Parks-Legge, Giselle Peters,  Connie Pike, Kathy Ransom, John Robertson, Monika Smith and Darlene Swan

Nina Haggerty members: Leona Clawson, Aaron Harvey, Colleen Honish, Erin Lepine, John Polaniuk, Vanessa Ryl, Desiree Stewart and more.

More info at www.albertacraft.ab.ca/feature-gallery_X3

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