Exhibition Dates:
Nov.30-Jan.09 2022

January 8, 2022 3-5pm

Monday-Saturday 8am -8pm

Second Floor Hallway Gallery - cSPACE King Edward (1721 29th Ave SW)

Unravelled. A rather descriptive word that communicates a volume of loose ends.

As an adjective, we visualize something threadbare and falling to pieces. As a verb, we experience the sorting out and clearing up that happens when we resolve something messy.

At some point in our lives, we each may have had the sense of falling apart or have worked out the answer to an old problem.

As we work through extended periods of isolation, it’s easy to feel disoriented, untethered from people, traditions and habits that give our lives shape and meaning. At times, we can all feel a bit frayed. But, after keeping to ourselves for so long, it’s also nice to be able to loosen up and unravel our knotted threads for a change.

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