How do I write a blog post?

To write a blog post, simply log in to the site – follow the link to DASHBOARD and then click on POSTS on the left hand side and ADD NEW. Take a look at the screen. At the top is a box to input a title. Below this is the permalink or url of your specific blog … Continue reading

How do I change my information?

The following instructions will explain how to change your profile information, as well as insert your gallery icon, bio, CV and artist statement. Go to the website (www. and click on the MEMBERS ONLY  link at the bottom of any page. Log in (your user name is your firstname.lastname and everyone’s password is fibreart) Now … Continue reading

How do I upload my photos for a gallery?

To insert a gallery you will use a new gallery set-up that is easier to manage and faster to upload. In the menu on the left of the screen hold your mouse over the “Gallery” button – all the way at the bottom and in the pop-up menu click on add gallery/images. Name your gallery … Continue reading

How do I put my gallery into my gallery pages?

The following instructions will show you how to put your gallery (see previous instructions) into a post so that people can see it when they go to your gallery page. When clicked on insert gallery button it will open pop-up window. Under SELECT A DISPLAY TYPE leave NextGen basic thumbnails Under WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE … Continue reading

How do I add a post to the members only section?

Adding information to the members only section is just like writting a blog post with a couple of extra steps. From the DASHBOARD screen click on POSTS on the left hand side and ADD NEW. In the CATEGORY box check MEMBERS ONLY and which ever category you like that is tabbed under MEMBERS ONLY. Below the text box there is … Continue reading

How do I create pages for a new member?

When new members join Contextural, new pages and user profiles will need to be made in order for them to have access to and use the website. The following is the instructions to create the necessary pages and posts. Lets start with creating a new user. Click on USERS and ADD NEW. USERNAME – is … Continue reading

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