The following instructions will explain how to change your profile information, as well as insert your gallery icon, bio, CV and artist statement.

  1. Go to the website (www. and click on the MEMBERS ONLY  link at the bottom of any page.
  2. Log in (your user name is your firstname.lastname and everyone’s password is fibreart)
  3. Now click on DASHBOARD on your left.
  4. Let’s change that password
    1. Click on Profile (left hand side)
    2. Insert your contact info if you wish
    3. Change your password (at the bottom)
    4. Just below the password change you’ll also want to enter when you became a member, and whether you want to offer workshops/lectures/commissions (facebook, website etc. are optional)
  5. Now let’s add an image for your gallery icon (this is what will show when people click on galleries/artists and there will be a grid of thumbnails with your names underneath as a link to your gallery pages)
  6. Click on POSTS
  7. Find the PAGE with your name on it (the category should be artist frontpage) and click on your name or edit
    1. In the bottom right corner of the window you should see “Set Feature Image”
    2. Click on Select Files – find your file and click open
    3. You can add the extra information if you like (description, alternate text etc)
    4. At the bottom of the window, you should see – use as featured image click itClose the window
    5. You should see your thumbnail image under “Featured Image”   ** NOTE ** If you have inserted an image previously as your “feature image” and wish to change it, you will have to click on media – on the left hand side of your screen – then find the image and either delete it or unattach it. Then go through steps 6-1 through 5.
    6. Before you leave this post, lets insert your main artist page image.
      1. Erase the code stuff that is in the text box.
      2. Click on the small camera icon next to the word Upload/Insert above the word processing box.
      3. Select your file and click upload.
      4. Insert your title and description (your description should be the title, medium, date, size etc)
      5. Select that the image be medium size (no more than 400px x 400px) and centered
      6. Click insert into post
    7. Now click on UPDATE on the right hand side.
    8. Okay, lets check our work – right click on preview and view in new tab.

Now let’s work on your Bio and Statement

  1. Click on Posts – top right hand corner
  2. Click on artist statement and type in your artist statement (or cut and paste is easiest) just like a word document
    Make sure you hit publish or save draft before you go on to the next post.
  3. CV Time
    1. Click on bio + cv (left hand side)
    2. Again type in your biography (or cut and paste)
    3. Now click on the small camera icon to upload your CV.
    4. You will need to have your CV in .PDF format otherwise this won’t work.
    5. Choose your file, click upload and retitle it ” download cv “
    6. Click insert into post.
    7. Don’t Forget to Publish!
    8. Voila – You are done!

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