When new members join Contextural, new pages and user profiles will need to be made in order for them to have access to and use the website. The following is the instructions to create the necessary pages and posts.

  1. Lets start with creating a new user. Click on USERS and ADD NEW.
  2. USERNAME – is always first name.last name (all lower case)
  3. Enter the members email address
  4. Enter the new members first name and last name (all lower case)
  5. Enter the default password (fibreart)
  6. Click on SEND PASSWORD
  7. Click on ADD NEW USER

Upload your CV and Statement. Rollover cursor over Media and click Add New. Click on select files, find them on your computer and click open (you can select both files at once). When Uploaded you will see edit link. Edit both files and copy File URL to your computer (txt, doc, etc..). You will need those two links later.
Now we have to set up the portfolio page for new artist. Rollover cursor over Portfolios and click Add New
Create a new Portfolio with the title of the artists name (ex. Tara Niscak)
Check category Artists on left side of panel.
Add featured image on left side of panel right below where you have checked category Artists
From elegance shortcode generator select “Column layouts” and “two-third one third” after that. Click on blue button “generate short code and in the general content box it will apear:

Capture shortcodes


|two_third]TEXT GOES IN HERE[/two_third|(paste it with special paste button)

Gallery Goes (where is “insert gallery” button?)
*CV and Statement download buttons goes in here.*

From elegance shortcode generator select “Fancy images”

Width: 295
Height: 35
Number of images: 2
Image 1 URL: https://contextural.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/cvbtn.png
Image 1 Custom Link: Link to CV – (uploaded trough media library)

Image 2 URL: https://contextural.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Statementbtn.png
Image 1 Custom Link: Link to CV (uploaded trough media library)

Rest of the page:

  • Disable Social Bookmarks: Check to turn it of
  • Link to post?: Check In order to have your featured image on main artist page (this is a must)
  • Disable Portfolio Full-size Image: Check (this is a must)

That’s it! You are the administration master!

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