To insert a gallery you will use a new gallery set-up that is easier to manage and faster to upload.

  1. In the menu on the left of the screen hold your mouse over the “Gallery” button – all the way at the bottom and in the pop-up menu click on add gallery/images.
  2. Name your gallery in blank textbox after create new gallery and then click ADD FILES, select files from your computer (you can select multiple images at one time ) and click START UPLOAD button. Above the window it should read uploead complete with number of files uploaded.
  3. You can now add Alt&Titles to your images by clicking on the MANAGE GALLERIES link and selecting your gallery.
  4. The first thing you will see is the gallery information (you can change the title and add a description here) DO NOT CREATE A NEW PAGE – we only create posts for our galleries.
  5. Remember to SAVE CHANGES
  6. Next you will see thumbnails of each image you just uploaded to your gallery.
  7. For each image you will want to change the title and the description. The Alt&Titles fields will be what viewers will see when they look at your gallery. Alt will be automatically generated from image name and below you have field for additional Title that will be visible below every image.
  8. Again, remember to SAVE CHANGES

The next set of instructions will show you how to put your new gallery into a post so that people can see it on the website.

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