To write a blog post, simply log in to the site – follow the link to DASHBOARD and then click on POSTS on the left hand side and ADD NEW.

Take a look at the screen. At the top is a box to input a title. Below this is the permalink or url of your specific blog post. Below this is the words Upload/Insert with a camera logo next to it. This is where you insert media/pictures. And finally below this is the area where you insert your blog post (it looks similar to any word processing software screen).

Before you start typing, take a look to the left of this box. Below the word PUBLISH, you can save your draft, preview the post as it would appear on the actual site, and publish it immediately or at a later date.

Below this is the format of your pictures – don’t touch these.

And next is the category. You are creating a blog post, so check mark NEWS and which ever category you like that is tabbed under NEWS. If you need to you can add a new category. Click on add new category, type in the title of your new category and then make sure that you choose NEWS as it’s parent category (otherwise it won’t show up on the blog).

The other boxes aren’t necessary to write a blog post so don’t worry about them.

When you are finished writing your post, hit publish.

You are now a “published” author.


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