How do I create pages for a new member?

When new members join Contextural, new pages and user profiles will need to be made in order for them to have access to and use the website. The following is the instructions to create the necessary pages and posts.

  1. Lets start with creating a new user. Click on USERS and ADD NEW.
  2. USERNAME – is always first name.last name (all lower case)
  3. Enter the members email address
  4. Enter the new members first name and last name (all lower case)
  5. Enter the default password (fibreart)
  6. Click on SEND PASSWORD
  7. Click on ADD NEW USER

Upload your CV and Statement. Rollover cursor over Media and click Add New. Click on select files, find them on your computer and click open (you can select both files at once). When Uploaded you will see edit link. Edit both files and copy File URL to your computer (txt, doc, etc..). You will need those two links later.
Now we have to set up the portfolio page for new artist. Rollover cursor over Portfolios and click Add New
Create a new Portfolio with the title of the artists name (ex. Tara Niscak)
Check category Artists on left side of panel.
Add featured image on left side of panel right below where you have checked category Artists
From elegance shortcode generator select “Column layouts” and “two-third one third” after that. Click on blue button “generate short code and in the general content box it will apear:

Capture shortcodes


|two_third]TEXT GOES IN HERE[/two_third|(paste it with special paste button)

Gallery Goes (where is “insert gallery” button?)
*CV and Statement download buttons goes in here.*

From elegance shortcode generator select “Fancy images”

Width: 295
Height: 35
Number of images: 2
Image 1 URL:
Image 1 Custom Link: Link to CV – (uploaded trough media library)

Image 2 URL:
Image 1 Custom Link: Link to CV (uploaded trough media library)

Rest of the page:

  • Disable Social Bookmarks: Check to turn it of
  • Link to post?: Check In order to have your featured image on main artist page (this is a must)
  • Disable Portfolio Full-size Image: Check (this is a must)

That’s it! You are the administration master!

How do I add a post to the members only section?

Adding information to the members only section is just like writting a blog post with a couple of extra steps.

  1. From the DASHBOARD screen click on POSTS on the left hand side and ADD NEW.
  2. In the CATEGORY box check MEMBERS ONLY and which ever category you like that is tabbed under MEMBERS ONLY.
  3. Below the text box there is another box – RESTRICT THIS CONTENT – Make sure that you chose Author as the user level and checkmark HIDE FROM FEED.
  4. When you are finished writing your post, hit publish.

How do I put my gallery into my gallery pages?

The following instructions will show you how to put your gallery (see previous instructions) into a post so that people can see it when they go to your gallery page.
When clicked on insert gallery button it will open pop-up window.

  1. Under SELECT A DISPLAY TYPE leave NextGen basic thumbnails
  2. Under WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DISPLAY? For source choose gallery and below that under galleries click in textbox and choose your gallery.
  3. Under CUSTOMIZE THE DISPLAY SETTINGS choose YES to override thumbnail settings and put 120 x 120
  4. Under SORT OR EXCLUDE IMAGES you can organize your gallery.

When finished editing hit Save button. And you are done.

How do I upload my photos for a gallery?

To insert a gallery you will use a new gallery set-up that is easier to manage and faster to upload.

  1. In the menu on the left of the screen hold your mouse over the “Gallery” button – all the way at the bottom and in the pop-up menu click on add gallery/images.
  2. Name your gallery in blank textbox after create new gallery and then click ADD FILES, select files from your computer (you can select multiple images at one time ) and click START UPLOAD button. Above the window it should read uploead complete with number of files uploaded.
  3. You can now add Alt&Titles to your images by clicking on the MANAGE GALLERIES link and selecting your gallery.
  4. The first thing you will see is the gallery information (you can change the title and add a description here) DO NOT CREATE A NEW PAGE – we only create posts for our galleries.
  5. Remember to SAVE CHANGES
  6. Next you will see thumbnails of each image you just uploaded to your gallery.
  7. For each image you will want to change the title and the description. The Alt&Titles fields will be what viewers will see when they look at your gallery. Alt will be automatically generated from image name and below you have field for additional Title that will be visible below every image.
  8. Again, remember to SAVE CHANGES

The next set of instructions will show you how to put your new gallery into a post so that people can see it on the website.

How do I change my information?

The following instructions will explain how to change your profile information, as well as insert your gallery icon, bio, CV and artist statement.

  1. Go to the website (www. and click on the MEMBERS ONLY  link at the bottom of any page.
  2. Log in (your user name is your firstname.lastname and everyone’s password is fibreart)
  3. Now click on DASHBOARD on your left.
  4. Let’s change that password
    1. Click on Profile (left hand side)
    2. Insert your contact info if you wish
    3. Change your password (at the bottom)
    4. Just below the password change you’ll also want to enter when you became a member, and whether you want to offer workshops/lectures/commissions (facebook, website etc. are optional)
  5. Now let’s add an image for your gallery icon (this is what will show when people click on galleries/artists and there will be a grid of thumbnails with your names underneath as a link to your gallery pages)
  6. Click on POSTS
  7. Find the PAGE with your name on it (the category should be artist frontpage) and click on your name or edit
    1. In the bottom right corner of the window you should see “Set Feature Image”
    2. Click on Select Files – find your file and click open
    3. You can add the extra information if you like (description, alternate text etc)
    4. At the bottom of the window, you should see – use as featured image click itClose the window
    5. You should see your thumbnail image under “Featured Image”   ** NOTE ** If you have inserted an image previously as your “feature image” and wish to change it, you will have to click on media – on the left hand side of your screen – then find the image and either delete it or unattach it. Then go through steps 6-1 through 5.
    6. Before you leave this post, lets insert your main artist page image.
      1. Erase the code stuff that is in the text box.
      2. Click on the small camera icon next to the word Upload/Insert above the word processing box.
      3. Select your file and click upload.
      4. Insert your title and description (your description should be the title, medium, date, size etc)
      5. Select that the image be medium size (no more than 400px x 400px) and centered
      6. Click insert into post
    7. Now click on UPDATE on the right hand side.
    8. Okay, lets check our work – right click on preview and view in new tab.

Now let’s work on your Bio and Statement

  1. Click on Posts – top right hand corner
  2. Click on artist statement and type in your artist statement (or cut and paste is easiest) just like a word document
    Make sure you hit publish or save draft before you go on to the next post.
  3. CV Time
    1. Click on bio + cv (left hand side)
    2. Again type in your biography (or cut and paste)
    3. Now click on the small camera icon to upload your CV.
    4. You will need to have your CV in .PDF format otherwise this won’t work.
    5. Choose your file, click upload and retitle it ” download cv “
    6. Click insert into post.
    7. Don’t Forget to Publish!
    8. Voila – You are done!

How do I write a blog post?

To write a blog post, simply log in to the site – follow the link to DASHBOARD and then click on POSTS on the left hand side and ADD NEW.

Take a look at the screen. At the top is a box to input a title. Below this is the permalink or url of your specific blog post. Below this is the words Upload/Insert with a camera logo next to it. This is where you insert media/pictures. And finally below this is the area where you insert your blog post (it looks similar to any word processing software screen).

Before you start typing, take a look to the left of this box. Below the word PUBLISH, you can save your draft, preview the post as it would appear on the actual site, and publish it immediately or at a later date.

Below this is the format of your pictures – don’t touch these.

And next is the category. You are creating a blog post, so check mark NEWS and which ever category you like that is tabbed under NEWS. If you need to you can add a new category. Click on add new category, type in the title of your new category and then make sure that you choose NEWS as it’s parent category (otherwise it won’t show up on the blog).

The other boxes aren’t necessary to write a blog post so don’t worry about them.

When you are finished writing your post, hit publish.

You are now a “published” author.


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