contextural con*tex”tur*al adj.

Pertaining to contexture or arrangement of parts; producing contexture; interwoven, Dr. John Smith (1666) Contextural is a group of like minded artists who came together in the fall of 2007 with a common goal; to support our individual fibre practises. During the past several years we have managed to find a place within Calgary’s dynamic art’s communities by setting up a summer residency program, providing bi-monthly critiques of members work and exhibiting group shows at numerous venues. Members come from a variety of art backgrounds and bring their own unique vision to the group.

We look forward to continued growth. If you are interested in what we have to offer or if you have any questions please contact us at – info@contextural.ca


Contextural is a community of textile artists fostering a cooperative creative environment in support of the production of artistic works. Contextural contributes to the artistic advancement of our members through access to a collaborative working environment, professional development and the exhibition of new work.


Contextural is a sustainable, not-for-profit enterprise, run by artist members for use by its artist members. Contextural provides textile artists with access to affordable, safe, properly equipped, specialized studio space from which they can work, learn and interact with fellow artists, designers and the community at large. The Contextural studio supplies facilities for the use of its membership with a focus on the dyeing and printing of textiles.

Contextural actively encourages educational aspects of fibre art study through the use of: workshops, lectures, community involvement, and mentoring opportunities. We believe that the arts make invaluable contributions to the cultural, social and economic vitality of a community. Contextural recognizes this contribution and nurtures the development of fibre artists and their work. Contextural members ensure that the cooperative will be well managed and decisions that affect the cooperative will be arrived at democratically with full member involvement.

Contextural cooperative will establish a gallery space that fosters the appreciation of fibre arts and increases the profile of the cooperative’s work within the community. Possible partnering with other artistic, cultural, social enterprises will be pursued by the cooperative with the focus on creating dynamic interactions that satisfies the needs of the membership.Contextural serves textile artists in their pursuit of contemporary textile design development. The membership is interested in sharing their interest in fibre arts through “open house” events. A fundamental part of our vision is to nurture a collaborative environment where artists are free to explore their personal interests and participate in joint projects thus building a community of contemporary textile artists based in Western Canada.


  • We value and respect our members commitment to their careers as professional artists.
  • We value commitment to our craft and its techniques by striving for the highest quality of work while aiming for innovation.
  • We strive for a democratic, open, sharing and inclusive environment where each member makes a contribution.
  • We realize that in doing so we become stronger as a community and as individuals.
  • We value community and the importance of the interaction which builds the cultural, social and economic vitality of our city and the greater fibre arts community.
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