We are seeking individuals who:

  • Are interested in working within a co-operative studio setting
  • Will be actively involved in, and contribute to, our community
  • Seek access to affordable studio space and specialized equipment
  • Are interested in sharing their knowledge and skills through teaching and collaboration
  • Appreciate and practice the diversity of textile arts and craft
  • Embrace an environmental approach to studio production
  • Will contribute to co-op activities such as promotion, fund-raising, business development and maintenance

Membership benefits:

As a member you are entitled to:

  • participation in all group gallery exhibitions and member events
  • participation in 5 member meetings
  • participation in 5 group meetings with “critique” like sharing
  • participation in annual Artisan Sale (entrance fee required)
  • first choice to participate in our annual summer residency without full application (studio fee required)
  • reduced price participating in other Contextural events
  • professional photographs of your artwork (exhibition participants only)
  • gallery space on the Contextural website
  • Contextural business cards for distribution
  • a chance to be part of a growing fibre community

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Membership fee: $50 per year

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